Welcome to LAthermography.   We provide breast cancer screenings and diagnostic breast imaging using Infrared Mammography , often known as breast thermography.  An Infrared Mammogram is a safe and effective way to screen for breast cancer and to detect abnormal changes in the breast associated with breast cancer - years before any other imaging method can.  Located in Monrovia, CA just east of Pasadena, we accept patients on a direct basis as well as through referrals from physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

We firmly believe that prevention is the best medicine, and in the value of early intervention.  So in addition to Infrared Mammography, Dr. Wicher designs Breast Care Programs for women who want to focus on reducing their risk of breast cancer.  Breastcare Programs combine risk reduction strategies that are supported by standard and advanced diagnostic medical tests.   Each program is tailored to each patient and integrates diet and lifestyle modifications and other preventive therapies with a patient's current drug regimen.

We also provide a variety of Integrative Cancer Therapies for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to include a medically-oriented, holistic approach to supporting their current care.  Dr. Wicher designs nutrition programs for cancer patients and utilizes a variety of  approaches and intravenous therapies  that can reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy , support your immune system, help monitor the progress of  cancer treatments and significantly improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients .

Please contact us   if you have any questions about Infrared Mammography or any of our medical services. Additional you can sign-up for our newsletter  to learn about how we are helping advance early breast cancer detection and improve breast cancer care for our patients.
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